Alpha Access

Want Alpha Access To The SyncDAO Platform?

Register for our Alpha group to have first access to the Perpetual Vaults.

Before we go fully live, we are looking for an excited group of Alpha testers who can get stuck into the platform, make deposits, stake PVTs and basically try everything you can to see if you can break it!

You’ll need to be prepared to give feedback as you go, keep an eye out for things that might not be intuitive or could be improved, test and try multiple transactions (on the Ethereum chain) to give the platform a good workout before it is released to the world.

What’s in it for you?

As well as bragging rights to be one of the first to use Perpetual Vaults, and our undying love and gratitude, you’ll also be first in line for receiving SDG rewards!

Enter your details below to register for the Alpha group

We need this to add you to the Alpha test group channel in our Discord.
This must be the address you will use to connect to the app to do your testing.
- Take responsibility in guiding the development of this product through accurate feedback on my user experience.
- Take the following responsibilities:
a) Deposit stablecoins
b) Stake PVTs
- Capture my experience through screenshots / screen capture videos with written feedback describing my detailed experience in English

* Not everyone who applies will be a part of the Alpha group, We are grateful for you putting yourself forward and hope you understand that we can’t accept everybody. If you do miss out, we’ll make sure you know as soon as the platform goes live for real.