Money that makes money, forever!

Yes, it’s possible. Deposit once and earn endlessly.

How is this legit?

New technology known as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) allows everyday people to do fancy financial functions that were previously reserved only for the financial elite. This includes lending, borrowing, liquidity providing, market making and much, much more.

All of your digital assets are secured by hard-coded rules in smart contracts. Money is made from multiple audited and rigorously tested smart contracts in Perpetual Vaults, supercharged by compounding interest.

In essence, you now have access to all the tools and techniques that banks have been using on us for decades. DeFi gives you the power to be your own bank, and SyncDAO makes it simpler to do so.

Imagine depositing dollars into a machine that perpetually makes money.

When you first step up to the perpetual money machine, you drop in your dollars, and in return, the machine gives you tokens, like a receipt. We call them Perpetual Vault Tokens or PVTs.

You pop your tokens into the staking zone (basically a magical place of interest-earning accounts in the crypto world) based on what types of returns you want the machine to make for you.

The machine finds all the best DeFi returns available. It generates those returns for you and produces a conveyor belt of income, which you can claim your share of based on the tokens the machine gave you initially.

If you no longer want to benefit from the returns that the machine is generating, simply collect your tokens from the staking zone and sell them to someone else, or gift them to future generations. They can then pop the tokens back into the machine to continue earning returns.

All this is achieved through trustless, permissionless, and transparent smart contracts.

That is the power of Perpetual Vaults!

Imagine all the different things you could do with never-ending returns.

Constant Cashflow

A stream of money coming to you is never a bad idea!

Whether you want to replace your personal income or build an unstoppable stream of revenue for your next DeFi project.

Perpetual Products


Instead of buying a new phone every few years, what if you could pay one time only, and use the interest earned to get a new phone every three years? It’s money Lego that stacks itself.

Piggy Banks

Saving for your kids’ college education, or for retirement?

Perpetual Vaults are the perfect mechanism to save now and take advantage of compounding interest without inflation.

Dollar-Cost Averaging


We all know that assets like real estate, crypto assets, and stocks go up over very long time frames, and the best time to be buying your favourite assets is “always”. Well, this automates that!

It really is a perpetual money machine!

SyncDAO PVT Infographic

But isn't the market volatile?

In case returns become unsustainable, SyncDAO Governance Token Holders are strategists and can vote in new strategies to maximise sustainable returns.

3 ways to play with Perpetual Vaults


As a User, you can just use the vaults to generate powerful returns in a safe and secure way, all from inside your favourite DeFi wallet.


As an Affiliate, you can show your friends or networks how the Perpetual Vaults work, and if they deposit using your link you will earn a commission forever.


As a Governor, you can vote for the best DeFi strategies to use in the staking zone! Perpetual Vault returns are maximised and voted into existence by SyncDAO Governance (SDG) token holders.

Meet the Team

Rossco Paddison

Paul Holland

Roman Tsavorsky

Sam Higgins

Karen Terjanyan
Blockchain Lead

Joy-Ann Gupit

Gevork Karapetyan
Blockchain Dev

Artyom Harutyunyan
Blockchain Dev

Vladimir Igitkhanyan
Blockchain Dev

Armine Manukyan
UX/UI Designer

Kevin Mendoza
Product Champion

Priyanka Rao
Public Relations



Josh Meier

Kyle Chasse
Master Ventures

Corey Billington

Tom Howard

Clayton Roche

Vinny Lee
CRT Capital




  • Proof of concept
  • Quantstamp audit
  • SyncDAO is born

Working On It

  • Perpetual Cashflow Vault
  • Affiliate dashboard
  • Governance interface
  • Product usage rewards
  • IDO and launchpads
  • TGE

Up Next

  • Perpetual Dollar Cost Averaging Vault
  • Layer 2 deployment
  • Perpetual Piggy Bank Vault


  • Auto compounding
  • Mobile wallets
  • Perpetual Retail Products
  • Perpetual Payment Channel


SyncDAO Governance Token (SDG)

SyncDAO is a DAO established to bring user adoption to DeFi products by aligning incentives between users, affiliates, and governors of the SyncDAO protocols and ecosystem. This token (SDG) doesn’t have any inherent value but gives you the utility to vote on proposals put forward.


Proposals are put forward to update vault strategies, decide roadmap items, and future incentives, plus many more innovative proposals.


Vote for or against the Proposals. One token equals one vote. Accumulate more tokens by participating in Affiliate and Developer building challenges.


Proposal enacted! The future of Forever Money innovation is secured by your vote. You can proudly tell your friends about the role you played.

Notice: The SDG token gives you voting power, and in turn, a voice in directing the SyncDAO protocol and products. It does not have any value beyond this.

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''Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.''

- Albert Einstein