Put Your Bank On Notice.

Earn Yield On Your Savings!

DeFi Savings Accounts

No minimum deposit. No minimum term.

Do you trust your bank?

Neither do the 10 million-plus users of DeFi.

You now have access to all the tools and techniques that banks have been using on us for decades. DeFi gives you the power to be your own bank, and SyncDAO makes it simpler to do so.

All of your digital assets are secured by hard-coded rules in smart contracts. Money is made from multiple audited and rigorously tested smart contracts in Perpetual Vaults, supercharged by compounding interest.

Audited by


Imagine sticking it to your bank by earning better returns, safely.

You start by Minting a Perpetual Vault Token (PVT) by depositing stablecoin. PVTs are a new DeFi primitive.

Once you’ve minted your PVTs you then Stake them into the Perpetual Vaults, selecting the vault based on what types of returns you want to earn.

The Perpetual Vaults are a selection of the best of the DeFi ecosystem. It generates those returns for you to claim or compound your returns when you desire.

If you no longer want great returns generated by Perpetual Vaults you can simply Swap your PVTs for your favourite stablecoin on your favourite decentralized exchanges or Send them to a friend.

All this is achieved through non-custodial, permissionless, and transparent smart contracts.

That is the power of Perpetual Vaults!

Imagine all the different things you could do with never-ending returns.

Cash Flows

Perpetual Vaults put your money to work. Imagine: unstoppable returns could help you put your feet up earlier because you replaced your personal income with passive cash flow.

Life Events


What if you had a passive way to fund your regular holidays or smartphones without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or big goals for it? Perpetual Vaults prepare you for these bigger expenses without dipping into your hard-earned savings.

Savings Goals

Saving for university, a new car or a house? Perpetual Vaults are the perfect mechanism to save now and take advantage of compounding interest to smash your savings goals faster.

Dollar-Cost Averaging


Set & Forget your crypto asset investing with automatic Dollar-Cost Averaging. Choose to earn interest on your Stablecoin in Bitcoin, Ethereum or your other favourite cryptocurrencies.

How Perpetual Vaults Work

What if market conditions change?

SyncDAO Governance Token Holders are able to vote in and select new vault strategies to maximise sustainable long term returns. Through our proprietary ApySync data analytics engine, we are able to spot these trends ahead of time.

3 ways to play with Perpetual Vaults


As a User, you can just use the vaults to generate powerful returns in a safe and secure way, all from inside your crypto wallet (eg. Metamask).


As an Affiliate, you can show your networks how the Perpetual Vaults work and if they deposit using your link, you will earn a commission for as long as they are staked.


Perpetual Vaults are optimized by SyncDAO Governance (SDG) token holders through voting on proposals.



  • Proof of concept
  • Quantstamp audit
  • SyncDAO is born
  • Zokyo audit secured
  • Hacken audit secured
  • IDO and launchpads
  • TGE
  • Alpha Testing Launch
  • SyncFrens Game Development commenced

Working On It

  • Perpetual Vaults
  • Perpetual Vaults
  • Affiliate dashboard
  • Governance interface
  • Product usage rewards
  • Apy Sync Data Analytics Engine
  • SyncFrens Character Development

Up Next

  • Layer 2 deployment
  • More Perpetual Vaults
  • Sync Frens NFT Game
  • Sync Frens P2E NFT Game
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Affiliate Tools


SyncDAO Governance Token (SDG)

SyncDAO is a DAO established to bring user adoption to DeFi products by aligning incentives between users, affiliates, and governors of the SyncDAO protocols and ecosystem. This token (SDG) doesn’t have any inherent value but gives you the utility to vote on proposals put forward.


Proposals are put forward to update vault strategies, decide roadmap items, and future incentives, plus many more innovative proposals.


Vote for or against the Proposals. One token equals one vote. Accumulate more tokens by participating in Affiliate and Developer building challenges.


Proposal enacted! The future of SyncDAO innovation is secured by your vote. You can proudly tell your friends about the role you played.

Notice: The SDG token gives you voting power, and in turn, a voice in directing the SyncDAO protocol and products. It does not have any value beyond this.

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''Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.''

- Albert Einstein